About Us



Rider Woodworking began in 2012.  With some plans and tutorials, I started trying to make some of the pieces that my wife loved from Pottery Barn, Pier One, and Restoration Hardware.

We forged a great partnership — she picked the projects and I tried to make them happen!  I discovered that I really enjoyed working on each project.  It was a nice break from my day jobs …. teaching digital media production to amazing students in a career & technical program called Multimedia and operating a web site consulting business.  Working with wood became a new passion, and one that I could do away from the computer.

I’ve built each of these pieces for our home.  In doing so, I’ve had people come to me to have me build them a lasting piece for their home.  I take great pride in making something that will last and will be a treasured addition to someone’s home.  I’d love to build something for you too.